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Current Students

Welcome to the Career Services Office

Career management addresses both short- and long-term professional goals of students rather than a mere first-hire. Our resources support students taking the lead in building life spanning career strategies that continue well beyond graduation.

HGSE receives consistently high ratings from recruiters. Many organizations actively pursue our graduate candidates through on campus interviews, employer expos and job postings. Throughout the academic year, we also hold major career events to further cultivate student-employer connections.

We have many resources to help you in your career planning. If you are a Ed.M. candidate, you will want to start with the Career Resource Center. The Center gives you 24/7 access to all of our basic workshops and career information. You may also sign up for office hours with a staff member to discuss your situation.

If you are an Ed.D. and Ph.D. candidate, your faculty committee will be your primary career advisors. If you are an Ed.L.D. candidate, your faculty advisor and residency director will be your primary career advisors. However, our office does support your program in many ways so please feel free to review our site and take part in our events.

Contact us by phone at 617-495-3427 or email.