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Campaign for HGSE

A Case for Support

A Case for Support


The Harvard Graduate School of Education is the right place, at the right time, to begin to change the world through education.

We have a tradition of innovation. HGSE was the first professional school at Harvard to admit women and the first school at Harvard to appoint a woman as dean of the faculty. We invented the Ed.D. degree and, 90 years later, the doctorate in education leadership. Our alumni, like Geoffrey Canada and Deborah Bial, have been pioneers in programs and organizations that have not only changed lives, but saved them. We lead the nation in our professional education programs, and were the first to create a national center for principals. We have been offering online courses for more than a decade, reaching thousands of educators across the world, and our first edX course alone reached over 80,000 students. 

Our faculty are actively involved in the world of practice, and always have been. The Center for Education Policy Research is working with school districts and states from Massachusetts to California to help them effectively use data to improve student achievement. The Center on the Developing Child works with host sites across the country to test interventions that will increase the chances that disadvantaged young children will thrive. Other faculty are working in places from Colombia and Pakistan to Botswana and Kenya to help improve school attendance and school environments. Closer to home, our students and faculty work hand-in-hand with local schools in Cambridge and Boston, and over 100 local education leaders and innovators meet regularly at HGSE to share breakfast and best practices.

We have tools previously unavailable to any generation. Advances in neuroscience are offering new insights into how students learn best and generating new ideas that can enable all students to reach their potential. Learning technologies offer unrivaled opportunities to individualize instruction and bring world-class expertise to every classroom. We also have access to enormous amounts of data and greater ability to mine that data to discover how students learn and how we can help teachers become more effective.

There is unprecedented attention being paid to education. From President Obama’s call for universal pre-K, to education conferences around the world, to countless news articles and documentaries about issues such as the common core standards, charter schools, rising college costs, and our relative performance among nations — there is a groundswell of interest and a sense of urgency around the globe. Here at home, more and more faculty and graduate students across all of Harvard, regardless of their academic disciplines or home schools, are focusing on education. 

We are located within the finest research university in the world, giving us unrivaled opportunities for collaboration and the ability to build on knowledge accumulated across the university in decades of research. Our students and faculty are unmatched anywhere in the country.

No other institution has the privilege and opportunity to simultaneously prepare the most talented leaders and innovators here and abroad, address the most pressing questions in education, and work as a trusted partner with the most influential individuals and organizations across the globe. The time is now. But we need you. Please read on to learn how you can help us change the world through education.

Read more about our priorities for the Campaign for HGSE. (1MB pdf)