All HGSE activities are remote through January 23, 2022. Learn how we will safely open campus, including testing and other protocols.

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Room Reservation Reminder

If you need to reserve a room for your event, and haven't already done so, please reserve via the Event Reservation System. Location must be confirmed before submitting the event.

Event Submission Note

Please include a description of the event in the "Notes" section of the submission form. Public events may require a more detailed description.


Please do not post private or sensitive information to the calendar. Although the HGSE Community Calendar is password protected via MyGSE, the information contained on the calendar is not secure.

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Faculty Events:
Events for HGSE faculty only

Faculty & Staff Events:
Events for HGSE faculty & staff only

HGSE Community Events:
Events for HGSE faculty, staff, and students

Public Events:
Events that the general public is welcome to attend

Public Lectures:
Lectures that the general public is welcome to attend

Staff Events:
Events for HGSE staff only

Student Events:
Events for HGSE students only

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