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Stories by Timothy Butterfield

By Timothy Butterfield 05/28/2020 2:33 PM EDT
ColorFULL addresses lack of diversity in schools' multimedia offerings.
By Timothy Butterfield 05/05/2020 3:22 PM EDT
The pivot to online dissertation defenses and capstone presentations is accompanied by minor challenges, unexpected joys.
By Timothy Butterfield 04/15/2020 2:32 PM EDT
This year's honoree is a longtime U.S. Department of Education leader and the current president of the equity-focused Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL)
By Timothy Butterfield 02/25/2020 12:27 PM EST
In HGSE’s Centennial year, the annual Alumni of Color Conference will look to the future of education for communities of color.
By Timothy Butterfield 12/23/2019 3:07 PM EST
HGSE alumni working in the field return to Appian Way to share lessons learned and insights gained.
By Timothy Butterfield 12/17/2019 9:07 AM EST
Following a career change, master's student Taylour Matz finds inspiration in the creative process as she works to bring a new education program to life.
By Timothy Butterfield 12/12/2019 11:39 AM EST
With in-person demos, students can see, learn, and ask questions about the techniques that produce great teaching.
By Timothy Butterfield 10/22/2019 4:41 PM EDT
A lively discussion on the benefits — as well as some of the challenges — of bringing elements of play into schooling.
By Timothy Butterfield 10/17/2019 4:47 PM EDT
On October 21 at the Askwith Forums, a panel of educators and researchers will discuss ways to create formal educational settings where children can safely and successfully learn through play.
By Timothy Butterfield 10/07/2019 1:53 PM EDT
Dr. Janice K. Jackson sat down with Professor Deborah Jewell-Sherman to discuss the district’s successes as well as the challenges ahead.