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By News editor 05/29/2019 9:38 AM EDT
Sights around campus during Commencement Week.
By News editor 05/21/2019 1:00 PM EDT
Howard Gardner
The prominent psychologist and originator of the theory of multiple intelligences will retire at the end of this academic year.
By News editor 05/02/2019 8:12 AM EDT
Dan Koretz
The influential expert on educational assessment and testing policy will retire at the end of this academic year.
By News editor 05/01/2019 8:17 AM EDT
Jack Shonkoff
Shonkoff was recognized for his work to revolutionize the field of early child development.
By News editor 04/25/2019 1:00 PM EDT
Debbie Bial
Alum Deborah Bial will return to HGSE to deliver the Convocation address on May 29.
By News editor 04/23/2019 3:44 PM EDT
Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
The noted sociologist and educator will be retiring from HGSE at the end of this academic year.
By News editor 04/16/2019 1:23 PM EDT
Robert Kegan
The awards celebrate, nurture, and mobilize a community of disruptors who have inspired and empowered others toward innovative thinking and creative activism.
By News editor 03/18/2019 9:29 AM EDT
Making Caring Common
A new report from Making Caring Common calls on high schools and parents to put young people’s character and well-being at the center of a healthier, more equitable college admissions process.
By News editor 02/19/2019 9:12 AM EST
Tom Hehir
The special education expert and professor, who retired this fall after 19 years at the Ed School, was a leading advocate for the rights of disabled children.
By News editor 02/11/2019 8:55 AM EST
Nonie Lesaux and Bridget Terry Long
Every year, the National Academy of Education honors scholars for their valuable contributions to educational research and policy development.