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Stories by Nakul Grover

By Nakul Grover 05/03/2022 12:21 PM EDT
With an emphasis on social-emotional skills and play, master's student Maureen Bunney's edtech company aims to help young learners succeed.
By Nakul Grover 03/02/2022 1:57 PM EST
In its 20th year, the Alumni of Color Conference will honor historic movements in education as we prepare for a more equitable future.
By Nakul Grover 02/11/2022 11:23 AM EST
With recommendations based on research and relationship-building, students in HGSE course influence state policy and make real-time impact in the field.
By Nakul Grover 02/04/2022 10:16 AM EST
With their new app — launched in the pandemic — two alums give teachers a tool to identify struggling readers and provide personalized support.
By Nakul Grover 01/19/2022 10:08 AM EST
At her school in Okayama, Japan, master's student Mari Sawa innovates by involving the whole family in literacy instruction
By Nakul Grover 12/08/2021 4:38 PM EST
Master’s student Iman Usman's innovative startup Ruangguru serves more than 25 million learners in Southeast Asia with high-quality, personalized content.
By Nakul Grover 10/21/2021 9:40 AM EDT
A discussion on how schools can help every student to feel that they belong — by encouraging friendships and supportive relationships.
By Nakul Grover 10/07/2021 11:01 AM EDT
Finding empathy, battling compassion fatigue, and teaching amid uncertainty — a conversation exploring some of the challenges teachers are confronting in classrooms today.