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Stories by Maria Fusaro

By Maria Fusaro 01/06/2010 9:14 AM EST
Associate Professor Paola Uccelli
The exploration of oral language skills takes a twist when we consider children growing up in bilingual or multilingual environments.
By Maria Fusaro 05/26/2009 5:01 AM EDT
Scrabble words about learning
Embedding new words into classroom conversations and assignments pegged to topics teens care about.
By Maria Fusaro 07/24/2008 3:00 PM EDT
Professor Heather Hill
A study delves into the relationship between an educator's math knowledge and the quality of their teaching in actual elementary school classrooms.
By Maria Fusaro 05/29/2008 3:51 PM EDT
A perspective that can help teachers demonstrate how "ideal world" models advance our understanding of complex phenomena.
By Maria Fusaro 05/29/2008 2:11 PM EDT
illustration denoting two figures with a left brain and right brain emphasized
Developed by HGSE faculty, teachers, and researchers, a new framework sets the stage for more effective practice.
By Maria Fusaro 05/29/2008 2:00 PM EDT
boy reading in library
The use of many different words, not just many words, helps toddlers grow their vocabulary.
By Maria Fusaro 05/29/2008 12:13 PM EDT
Professor Eleanor Duckworth
How teachers' "critical exploration" of students' behavior can reveal the nature of their understanding.
By Maria Fusaro 05/29/2008 10:42 AM EDT
Hands holding a brain illustration
Understanding the impact of stress during a child's early development can pave the way for proper interventions.
By Maria Fusaro 05/28/2008 9:51 AM EDT
photo of library books
Lecturer Terrence Tivnan takes a look at four literacy reform models in the Boston Public Schools.
By Maria Fusaro 07/18/2007 1:32 PM EDT
blurry photo of woman at chalkboard
A large research study examines the effectiveness of remedial courses in helping students graduate.