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Stories by Leah Shafer

By Leah Shafer 01/20/2017 8:59 AM EST
illustration depicting silhouette images of people holding hands, with stars along the border
New tools to help educators and support students in controversial scenarios.
By Leah Shafer 01/13/2017 3:53 PM EST
US Department of Education exterior, with old school bell in front
A primer on presidential transitions, Betsy DeVos, and how federal policy trickles down.
By Iman Rastegari, Leah Shafer 12/21/2016 1:34 PM EST
Hands shown opening a book of poems
An educator and poet breaks myths and makes poetry urgent.
By Leah Shafer 12/13/2016 12:28 PM EST
Learning to Read to Learn
Three ways to enhance adolescent reading comprehension in a digital world.
By Leah Shafer 12/08/2016 7:35 AM EST
ScratchEd Meetup cartoon logo on yellow background
Resources and support for teachers who want to promote computational literacy in their classrooms.
By Leah Shafer 12/05/2016 4:07 PM EST
Understanding Core Skills
For education stakeholders, four key features of fundamental nonacademic skills.
By Leah Shafer 12/01/2016 3:12 PM EST
Defining the Skills for Success
New report signals the difference between executive function and other regulation-related skills.
By Leah Shafer 11/29/2016 3:32 PM EST
The Problem with School Choice
Why using competition to improve the education market isn’t so simple.
By Leah Shafer 11/23/2016 9:51 AM EST
abstract illustration of branches of a tree, suggesting inclusion
Anti-Muslim bullying is different from other types of harassment. Here’s how schools can work against it.