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Stories by Emily Boudreau

By Emily Boudreau 03/01/2021 3:50 PM EST
Female student from the rear, walking down long campus pathway
As part of the PIER Public Seminar, researcher Ben Castleman discusses how conditional cash transfers — and other nudges — can improve college-going behavior.
By Emily Boudreau 02/25/2021 12:49 PM EST
Question marks
How HGSE students connected their studies to practice to build supports for their communities all over the world.
By Emily Boudreau 02/09/2021 9:29 AM EST
Illustration of girl staring out window
The pandemic has increased young adults’ sense of isolation, according to new findings from HGSE's Making Caring Common initiative.
By Emily Boudreau 12/18/2020 11:22 AM EST
Education Now
Across topics ranging from safe school reopening to keeping students motivated, our Education Now series sought to highlight opportunities to reimagine and reshape education.
By Emily Boudreau 12/11/2020 1:49 PM EST
Future of Education screenshot
Demographic and technology changes, firmer mandates for access and equity, and whole-child, human-centered commitments — amid growing global connections.
By Emily Boudreau, Elio Pajares 12/01/2020 2:56 PM EST
Grid of faculty members
With HGSE's shift to remote teaching, faculty members share how technology helped them explore hands-on learning experiences, foster community, and continue the conversation outside the classroom.
By Emily Boudreau 10/13/2020 3:57 PM EDT
Facing Race
In an episode of HGSE's Education Now series, experts offer concrete strategies for educators of all races to help students navigate issues of racial justice.
By Emily Boudreau 09/24/2020 2:06 PM EDT
Equity and Inclusion fellows
Leaders from three large and diverse public school districts share their insights about leading for racial equity.
By Emily Boudreau 09/16/2020 11:19 AM EDT
Vote 2020 pins
Making Caring Common’s Get Out the Vote initiative provided young activists with the tools to lead voter mobilization projects in their communities.
By Emily Boudreau 08/24/2020 9:16 AM EDT
Orientation 2020
Kicking off an unprecedented year, Orientation 2020 reinforces the timeless values of learning in community — and the need to meet the critical challenges of education.