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Stories by Emily Boudreau

By Emily Boudreau 06/05/2020 9:34 AM EDT
Learn to Change the World banner
How HGSE has reimagined the 2020-21 academic year to offer a rich, rigorous, and supportive virtual experience for students.
By Emily Boudreau 06/01/2020 9:18 AM EDT
Mariel Novas
Believing in the power of communities to effect change.
By Emily Boudreau 04/30/2020 10:37 AM EDT
Karen Mapp
In a new version of her pioneering framework, Karen Mapp emphasizes the essential role of strong, authentic partnerships between schools and parents.
By Emily Boudreau 04/22/2020 10:27 AM EDT
Education Now
The weekly 30-minute webinar will offer valuable ideas to help educators navigate today's complex landscape.
By Emily Boudreau 04/17/2020 12:34 PM EDT
Bridget Long and Paul LeBlanc
In the debut of HGSE's Leadership Series, SNHU's president, Paul LeBlanc, spoke with Dean Bridget Long about higher education in the time of coronavirus.
By Emily Boudreau 02/24/2020 2:42 PM EST
Samantha Pratt
With a new app — and an appearance at this weekend’s Alumni of Color Conference — alum Samantha Pratt brings urgency to conversations about mental health and trauma in schools.
By Emily Boudreau 01/30/2020 6:09 PM EST
Deans panel at HGSE Centennial
HGSE kicks off its Centennial with a day of conversation about why education matters, what’s necessary to create opportunity for every learner, and what’s next for HGSE.
By Emily Boudreau 11/07/2019 3:11 PM EST
Houman Harouni
In Houman Harouni’s classes, power structures are questioned, discomfort is embraced, and even the act of teaching is subverted.
By Emily Boudreau 10/10/2019 4:37 PM EDT
Recording artist Casanova joined Edyson Julio, Ed.M.’18, at HGSE for a conversation about incarceration, its impact on urban education, and pathways to reform.
By Emily Boudreau 10/03/2019 9:58 AM EDT
Harvard President Lawrence Bacow and Big Bird on stage
A musical and Muppet-filled evening pays tribute to the 50 years of collaboration between Sesame Workshop and Harvard.