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Stories by Emily Boudreau

By Emily Boudreau 11/07/2019 3:11 PM EST
Houman Harouni
In Houman Harouni’s classes, power structures are questioned, discomfort is embraced, and even the act of teaching is subverted.
By Emily Boudreau 10/10/2019 4:37 PM EDT
Recording artist Casanova joined Edyson Julio, Ed.M.’18, at HGSE for a conversation about incarceration, its impact on urban education, and pathways to reform.
By Emily Boudreau 10/03/2019 9:58 AM EDT
Harvard President Lawrence Bacow and Big Bird on stage
A musical and Muppet-filled evening pays tribute to the 50 years of collaboration between Sesame Workshop and Harvard.
By Emily Boudreau 09/25/2019 3:05 PM EDT
Ed.L.D. banner
Ten cohorts of Ed.L.D. — and a growing network of committed, equity-minded leaders with the tools to transform the field.
By Emily Boudreau 09/24/2019 8:44 AM EDT
The Sesame Street Muppets
As the groundbreaking program turns 50, a look at the long and impactful partnership between HGSE and Sesame Workshop.
By Emily Boudreau 09/18/2019 2:33 PM EDT
Chicago Public Schools
Five things you should know about the Chicago Public Schools' chief before the Askwith Forum on September 26.
By Emily Boudreau 09/04/2019 1:56 PM EDT
Eve Ewing
Sociologist and writer Eve L. Ewing will join Professor Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot at the Askwith Forums for a discussion of thinking and writing through the lens of black feminism.
By Emily Boudreau 08/29/2019 11:26 AM EDT
Parenting Education
A look at how much — or how little high schoolers — know about parenting.
By Emily Boudreau 08/26/2019 10:16 AM EDT
Welcome to HGSE
Welcoming students to campus for faculty talks and cohort gatherings.
By Emily Boudreau 08/21/2019 12:00 PM EDT
Tyler Hester
Ed.L.D. student Tyler Hester's new venture provides the tools and support to help teachers avoid burnout and build resilience.