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Stories by Bari Walsh

By Bari Walsh 10/25/2021 11:57 AM EDT
HTF Student
New master’s in Teaching and Teacher Leadership builds on HGSE’s legacy of innovation to advance the preparation of teachers.
By Bari Walsh 06/23/2021 9:09 AM EDT
Transformative online Ed.M. program for experienced education professionals will expand access and bolster leadership across the sector, from preK–12 through higher ed.
By Bari Walsh 04/19/2021 1:25 PM EDT
Early  literacy app on tablet
Joe Blatt, who led the development of HGSE's new family-oriented early-literacy apps, describes how the apps can support learning and help children get ready to read.
By Bari Walsh 02/16/2021 4:39 PM EST
Learn to Change the World banner
Ambitious curricular overhaul, to launch this summer, defines foundational competencies and elevates role of the education professional.
By Bari Walsh 09/30/2020 1:46 PM EDT
Roberto Gonzales
Roberto Gonzales’ book about coming of age undocumented in America has a new musical adaptation, with the first song debuting this week in Lin-Manuel Miranda's celebration of Broadway's Latinx stars
By Bari Walsh 07/29/2020 11:54 AM EDT
School supplies hand sanitizer
In the New England Journal of Medicine, Meira Levinson and co-authors argue in favor of (safely) reopening elementary schools, for the good of young learners and the country at large.
By Bari Walsh 07/27/2020 5:02 PM EDT
Making Caring Common kicks off free educational campaign to help college-aged adults spur civic engagement among their peers.
By Bari Walsh 06/19/2020 12:02 AM EDT
Juneteenth flag
Historian Jarvis Givens on freedom celebrations, Black aspiration, and the continuing pursuit of justice.
By Bari Walsh 06/03/2020 9:19 AM EDT
Dean Long announces launch of a richly crafted suite of online courses and community experiences for rigorous, active, and inclusive learning, amid continuing public health constraints.
By Bari Walsh 05/28/2020 3:20 PM EDT
Daphne Penn
Understanding schools as a microcosm of society — and exploring questions of whether and how education can truly be a tool for mobility.