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By Matt Weber 05/16/2013 9:39 AM EDT
30 Lessons for Living

Internationally renowned gerontologist Karl Pillemer's research examines how people develop and change throughout their lives. His recent set of studies, The Legacy Project, aims to find out what older people know about life that the rest of us…

By News editor 05/03/2013 12:24 PM EDT
Sal Khan

Join Sal Khan for a discussion about how online learning is transforming education in the 21st century at the Askwith Forum on May 8.

By Jill Anderson 04/30/2013 2:19 PM EDT
Askwith Forums

Education is not a civil right in the United States agreed a group of education panelists at a recent Askwith Forum. At “Educational Opportunity and Changing Demographics,” offered in conjunction with the Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative…

By Newseditor 04/30/2013 11:25 AM EDT
Askwith Forums

On Wednesday, May 1, the Askwith Forum commemorated the 45th anniversary of the publication of Paolo Freire's "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" with a discussion about the book's impact and relevance to education today.

By Matt Weber 04/29/2013 3:23 PM EDT
Harvard EdCast: Gardner's Greatest Hits

Howard Gardner is the John H. and Elisabeth A. Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, best known for his theory of multiple intelligences. During the past two decades, he has been involved in the…

By Jill Anderson 04/26/2013 3:39 PM EDT
Pasi Sahlberg

Pasi Sahlberg, director general of the Centre for International Mobility and Cooperation (CIMO) in Finland, called the global education reform movement a “wicked germ” spreading around the world at the Askwith Forum on April 23.“It is run like…

By Newseditor 04/23/2013 1:37 PM EDT
Educational Opportunity and Changing Demographics

At the Askwith Forum on Thursday, April 25, a panel examined factors that limit the educational opportunities of African American and Latino students, and reviewed what we know about best practices to overcome those barriers.

By News editor 04/22/2013 12:46 PM EDT
Pasi Sahlberg

What can the world learn from educational change in Finland? Pasi Sahlberg, director general of the Centre for International Mobility and Cooperation, discussed Finland's approach to education at the Askwith Forum on Tuesday, April 23.

By Jill Anderson 04/17/2013 10:14 AM EDT
Obama's Plan for Early Education

Early childhood education panelists called President Barack Obama’s recent proposal for universal preschool a historic decision but cautioned it was only a first step in a long line of work.At the Askwith Forum, “Politics and Preschool: President…

By News editor 04/05/2013 12:37 PM EDT
Semper Teachings

Former Marines, who now work full-time in public schools, discussed how lessons learned in the Marine Corps might help improve our schools.

By News editor 04/05/2013 12:20 PM EDT
Obama's Plan for Early Education

The Askwith Forum, "Politics and Preschool: President Obama's Plan for Early Education," took place Wednesday, April 10, 2013, at Longfellow Hall at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.President Obama in his State of the Union address became the…

By News editor 03/29/2013 11:18 AM EDT
Askwith Forums

Can our elders serve as experts on how to live our lives? To answer this question, Karl Pillemer, gerontologist and professor of human development at Cornell University, decided to seek advice on how to live from the oldest Americans. He revealed the…

By Jill Anderson 03/15/2013 4:15 PM EDT
Reforming Education Reform

If education reform were a football game, then America has made some progress but still has quite a ways to go – 80 yards to be exact.“We are on the 20 yard line and have 80 to go to create a just society,” said Norm Atkins, the cofounder and…

By News editor 03/12/2013 1:37 PM EDT
School Violence in America

The recent Newtown school shooting, resulting the death of 20 children, focused America’s attention on the issue of violence in schools. This forum focused on myriad issues relating to mental health, gun control, school security, and other violence…

By Jill Anderson 03/11/2013 11:13 AM EDT
Denise Juneau

To kick off of the 11th annual Alumni of Color Conference, The Revolution Will Be LIVE, Denise Juneau, Ed.M.’94, state superintendent of public instruction for Montana, discussed school improvement efforts in her state and the importance of…

By Newseditor 03/06/2013 2:49 PM EST
Reforming Education Reform

Norman Atkins, who has been involved in founding several education reform organizations shared some provocative questions and modest advice for the next generation of education reformers seeking to remake schools, the teaching profession, learning…

By News editor 03/05/2013 10:00 AM EST
Deborah Bial

Deborah Bial, Ed.M.'96, Ed.D.'04, founder and president of the Posse Foundation, was presented with the Anne Roe Award and speaks on society's need for fairness and justice.

By Newseditor 03/01/2013 1:37 PM EST
Teaching Empathy and Preventing Bullying

Though bullying has increasingly moved to the Internet, kids still torment each other in the hallways at school. In fact, in person and online bullying usually go together. In this new landscape, what should schools and parents do?

By Matt Weber 02/27/2013 1:58 PM EST
Marian Wright Edelman

Marian Wright Edelman has just been announced as the recipient of the 2013 Medal for Education Impact, the highest honor given by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The medal is awarded to a person who is making a lasting difference in the…

By Newseditor 02/26/2013 11:54 AM EST
Denise Juneau

In conjunction with the 11th annual Alumni of Color Conference, The Revolution Will Be LIVE, Denise Juneau, Ed.M.'94, state superintendent of public instruction for Montana, discussed school improvement efforts in her state at the Askwith Forum…