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By News editor 04/10/2015 9:53 AM EDT
Ferguson Askwith

This Askwith Forum explored the educational implications of the crisis most recently manifested in Ferguson and several other cities in the United States.

By News editor 04/08/2015 2:00 PM EDT
UVa Rotunda

The University of Virginia President will describe the significant challenges and opportunities faced by higher education leaders today at the Askwith Forum on April 9.

By News editor 03/24/2015 12:36 PM EDT

Kenji Yoshino will discuss diversity and inclusion initiatives and the pressure to "cover" at the Askwith Forum on Monday, March 30.

By News editor 03/20/2015 11:41 AM EDT
Digital Ecosystem

On March 25, Professor Chris Dede and EDUCAUSE President and CEO Diana Oblinger discussed how the digital ecosystem will suit Harvard’s future and the potential consequences of higher education technology on society.

By Matt Weber 03/18/2015 2:01 PM EDT
Stephanie Wilson

Despite being told that they can be anything they want to be when they grow up, girls continue to be underrepresented when it comes to courses of study and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). At last month's Askwith…

By Matt Weber 03/13/2015 11:01 AM EDT
Carmen Farina

Carmen Fariña, chancellor of New York City Department of Education and 50-year veteran educator, wants to make one simple thing clear: Education is all about the children. In order to do the best for them, the adults — from parents to teachers,…

By Matt Weber 03/04/2015 2:55 PM EST
Jose Antonio Vargus

In this edition of the Harvard EdCast, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas shares his story of being an undocumented immigrant and discusses how he hopes to change the conversation around immigration in the United States.

By News editor 03/03/2015 4:20 PM EST
Carmen Farina

Carmen Fariña, a veteran educator of nearly 50 years, discussed her vision of common sense solutions and her focus on rigorous standards and equity as she leads the nation’s largest school district at the Askwith Forum on March 5.

By News editor 03/03/2015 10:37 AM EST
Askwith Sweeney/Lightfoot

The Askwith Forum on Thursday, March 4 features former president of Disney-ABC Television Group Anne Sweeney discussing her new pursuits with Professor Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot.

By News editor 02/25/2015 12:23 PM EST
Define American Askwith

On Friday, February 27, Jose Antonio Vargas, founder of Define American, delivered the keynote address at the opening session of the 2015 Alumni of Color Conference (AOCC).

By Matt Weber 02/18/2015 3:20 PM EST
Sheryll Cashin

If most universities want their student bodies to be as diverse as possible, then why is the use of race-based affirmative action declining? The change, says Sheryll Cashin, professor of law at Georgetown University, is partly due to political…

By News editor 02/11/2015 4:38 PM EST
STEM illustration

At the Askwith Forum, panelists discussed what factors contribute to female underrepresentation in STEM.

By Jill Anderson 01/20/2015 1:30 PM EST

The Harvard Graduate School of Education is pleased to announce its spring 2015 Askwith Forums, a series of public lectures dedicated to discussing challenges facing education, sharing new knowledge, and generating spirited conversation. Highlights…

By Matt Weber 12/03/2014 1:08 PM EST
David Johns

On December 2, David Johns, executive director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, visited the Askwith Forum to lead a discussion on educational opportunity. Johns engaged the crowd with his frank talk about…

By News editor 11/25/2014 10:52 AM EST
David Johns

Watch a video of the final Askwith Forum of the semester, "Closing the Gap."

By Matt Weber 11/19/2014 10:51 AM EST
Claude Steele

Renowned social psychologist and educator Claude Steele became even better known in 2010 with the publication of his book Whistling Vivaldi, which focuses on Steele's theory of "stereotype threat" as a possible explanation for the underperformance of…

By News editor 11/18/2014 12:33 PM EST
Askwith thumb

The Askwith Forum on November 20 featured a discussion on successful education leadership with former leaders from school districts and charter management organizations.

By News editor 11/03/2014 2:09 PM EST
Askwith thmbnail

This event was held from 5:30 - 7 p.m. on November 5. If you were unable to watch live, the video of the event is now available below.

By Matt Weber 10/28/2014 3:30 PM EDT
Mark Yudof

At the Askwith Forum, "Higher Education, the Cost Disease, and Systemic Reform," on October 27, veteran college administrator Mark Yudof delved in to the history of higher education funding, its current state, and the reforms that may be necessary…

By News editor 10/28/2014 11:19 AM EDT
Askwith thumbnail

Sheryll Cashin, author of "Place, Not Race," and Richard Rothstein, research associate at the Economic Policy Institute, discussed the role of race and class in the future of college campuses at the Askwith Forum on Thursday, October 30.