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Give back to HGSE and support the next generation of passionate educators and innovative leaders.


Learning and Career Growth

HGSE can support you as you build and nurture a meaningful career. We can connect you to tools and resources, problem-solving knowledge, and outstanding professional development and lifelong learning.

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Professional Education at HGSE

Chaired by HGSE faculty and grounded in the latest research, HGSE's portfolio of professional development programs are designed to make direct impact on the practice of education professionals, the work of schools and institutions, and the lives and learning of students. 

Professional Education serves more than 12,000 educators around the world each year through more than 90 programs for early childhood, K-12, and higher education professionals. We welcome you to join us to continue your lifelong learning journey at HGSE.

HGSE alumni are eligible for a 25% discount on select Professional Education programs. Please email for more information.

HGSE’s Career Development Center 

The Career Development Center can guide you in navigating the decisions, processes, and pivots in your career, so you can chart a meaningful and impactful career path. As one of the few dedicated career services offices for education professionals, we offer you programs and tools that look beyond simply securing a job to focus on whole-career management. 

Ed. Magazine 

Get to know the people, projects, and ideas that make the Ed School special — read our award-winning magazine, printed biannually and always available online.

Education Now

HGSE's Education Now webinar series was created to address the dramatic changes in the field of education in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Explore past episodes to gain actionable insights and new strategies for making a positive impact on the field of education at this essential time.

Gutman Book Talks

Gutman Library Book Talks celebrate the scholarship of Harvard Graduate School of Education community members and provide a venue for critical discussion and engagement with current issues in the field of education research, practice, and policy. Upcoming Gutman Book Talks can be found on the HGSE Public Events Calendar.