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Alumni Council

The Alumni Council of the Harvard Graduate School of Education is a group of volunteer representatives of the school who provide a valuable connection between HGSE and its growing body of alumni.

Council members work to strengthen the relationship between HGSE and its alumni through engagement and outreach, including event development and support, Admissions recruitment, strengthening volunteer opportunities, and broadening alumni networks. Council members serve as both representatives of the larger alumni body and as sources of information for the Office of Development and Alumni Relations.

Each year, the Alumni Council also selects an Alumni Council Award recipient, based on nominations from the HGSE alumni community.

Statement on Inclusivity and Purpose

The Alumni Council of the Harvard Graduate School of Education is comprised of a diverse and vibrant group of alumni volunteers representing multiple class years, degree programs, geographic regions, and professions.  The Council serves as an important link between HGSE and its growing body of graduates by enhancing alumni engagement and outreach efforts, including organizing events and activities; broadening alumni networks; and increasing alumni giving. 

Alumni Council members fully appreciate the benefits of having a diverse community of students, administrators, faculty and staff members, especially the intellectual and social richness brought to campus by students from various identities, thoughts, perspectives and experiences.  As such we strongly support HGSE efforts to create and maintain a learning environment in which all members of the community are valued, respected, supported and encouraged to engage with the complexities of the larger world. Similarly, the Council embraces HGSE’s commitment to ensuring that its graduates will be prepared to proactively address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion issues as they navigate and participate in a diverse global community.

Our collective appreciation of and commitment to advancing diversity, equity, opportunity, access and inclusion compels us to forthrightly infuse and embed these principles as we fulfill our responsibilities as Council members.  We are committed to executing the following responsibilities on an ongoing basis:

  • Engaging with students when the Council convenes on campus, particularly with those from socially and historically marginalized communities; and supporting the annual Alumni of Color Conference
  • Creating opportunities for more alumni from varying backgrounds to host alumni gatherings and develop meaningful relationships with prospective and current students and alumni in their region
  • Cultivating increased giving to, and support of, HGSE from diverse populations

The Alumni Council is proud to join in advancing the mission, vision and priorities of HGSE that emphasize and enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion for its alumni and the professions influenced by its graduates.