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Find the Right Program

A graduate degree in education means different things to different people. What will you need to accomplish during your time in graduate school to feel like the pursuit was a worthwhile investment? Do you want to acquire a specific set of skills or particular knowledge to do your current job? Are you wanting to transition to a new role? Are you most excited about conducting research on a specific topic in education? Your answers to these questions are critical for identifying your own interests and goals and how they might align with the degree programs we offer.


A great starting point is to read each of the program descriptions and identify the programs that immediately jump out as most interesting and useful. Learn more about our masters and two doctoral programs and consider which program best matches your interests and career goals. 

Academic Catalog

Browse the catalog by subject and find courses that fit your passions, goals, and knowledge gaps. Be sure to review the curriculum requirements for each program. These courses are an excellent indication of the broader intellectual focus of the program.


Find any courses that pique your interests? Look up our faculty members and learn more about their research and career paths.

Connect with an Admissions Liaison

Still have questions? We at HGSE are committed to supporting you in your graduate school exploration and decision-making process. Find out which of our staff members can best advise you.