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Diversity Recruitment Program

Diversity Recruitment Program

Students come to HGSE to find the answers to their educational and career goals — and to find themselves. From rigorous study and research to the free exchange of ideas, their minds are opened and nourished. From their fellow students, they gain insight into new ways of thinking and living. They have seemingly endless outlets to pursue their passions and are given the freedom and the resources to create an inclusive, collaborative, and supportive community in which they can all thrive.


It is our commitment at HGSE to create a vibrant learning environment in which all people — regardless of their backgrounds and identities — are heard and valued. As our authentic selves, we aspire to be a community that can question conventional wisdom and assumptions. We engage in robust debate in the quest to advance our knowledge and understanding; and remain united in our shared respect for each other and in our faith in the power of education to change the world.

HGSE strives to ensure that every member of our community can fully belong and can equitably access the extraordinary opportunities here. Our students are encouraged to connect with the familiar and explore the different and the unknown. From the Equity and Inclusion Fellows program to our many community-wide and program-specific opportunities to explore issues related to identity and difference, we strive to deeply embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into the HGSE experience, while acknowledging that there is always room for improvement.

This event brings prospective students from diverse backgrounds together with world-renowned faculty, students, and alumni. Program participants have the opportunity to interact with various members of the HGSE community.

For more information and to register, please visit the Find Yourself Here website.