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About HGSE

Title IX Information

Policies and Procedures

Harvard instituted a University-wide Title IX policy, the University Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy, which was effective at the start of the 2014-2015 academic year. This policy applies to all members of the Harvard community. Notice of Non-Discrimination

HGSE Students

HGSE adopted the University-wide Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy (90KB pdf) ("University Policy") and incorporated the University’s Procedures for Handling Complaints Involving Students Pursuant to the [University’s] Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment Policy ("University Procedures"), including for purposes of student discipline.

HGSE Staff

The university-wide Sexual/Gender-Based Harassment Complaint Procedures Against Staff are now effective. For complaints against staff only, these procedures supersede the Interim Harvard Law School Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures. 

University Title IX Resources

Nicole Merhill
Title IX Officer
Title IX Office
Smith Campus Center, Suite 901
1350 Massachusetts Avenue

William McCants
Director of the Office for Dispute Resolution (ODR)
Smith Campus Center, Suite 901
1350 Massachusetts Avenue

HGSE Title IX Coordinators

Kelly Deliberato
Assistant Dean for Human Resources
HGSE Title IX Coordinator for Staff
118 Longfellow Hall
16 Appian Way

Kevin Boehm
Associate Director of Student Affairs
HGSE Title IX Coordinator for Students
118 Gutman Library
13 Appian Way

Jessica Pesce
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
132 Longfellow Hall
16 Appian Way

Tracie Jones
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Belonging
Title IX Coordinator for Students
117 Gutman Library
13 Appian Way