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About HGSE

Mission and Values


HGSE Human Resources is committed to providing excellent and relevant services to a broad community of employees in the areas of teaching, research, and core administration. Our capacity is comprehensive and includes employment, staff relations, staff development, and compensation. Our customers are primarily HGSE staff and faculty, prospective employees of the Ed School and Harvard, and the general public.


We aspire to become the best provider of human resources services at Harvard University. We strive to ensure the Ed School has a staff skilled and trained to meet its continuing needs, that staff reflecting the diversity of our student population are hired and retained. We will work to align the human resources function more closely to the mission of the Ed School. To achieve our vision, we seek to forge partnerships with managers, faculty, and staff across the school and university, and, we frequently re-evaluate our capacity and systems to improve and expand delivery of services already in place, and identify new needs.


  • Fairness
  • Confidentiality
  • Diversity
  • Communication: open, honest, respectful, and timely
  • Partnerships: based on trust and professionalism
  • Creative problem solving