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About HGSE

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Diversity is a critical and valuable strength, but its many benefits are not automatic. They take our ongoing commitment and action as learners, educators, and citizens.

Knowing this, in 2014 HGSE launched Fulfilling the Promise of Diversity — a yearlong community conversation around how we can nurture relationships, lead classrooms, and build institutions that are successful, thriving, and stronger because of their diversity. We realized quickly that the need to engage issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion ran deeper, extended further, and was larger than we had imagined. Recognizing this informed a deeper commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion across our curriculum, in our classrooms, in our hiring for faculty and staff, and in our campus culture. 

Today, Fulfilling the Promise of Diversity is the moniker that captures the numerous ways that HGSE engages the ever-evolving diversity, equity, and inclusion conversation. Steeped in the continued belief that professional educators should have the skills and knowledge to create and sustain thriving, diverse environments, whether in classrooms or boardrooms, HGSE endeavors to cultivate teaching, knowing, and understanding that centers diverse students, faculty, and staff. Driven by the idea that for us to change the world we must start at home, with everyone truly being included, we strive to understand how we, as learners and teachers, can best contribute to our educational environments.

Our People

The vital contributors, whose jobs, roles, or professional interests keep them deeply engaged in advancing the issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion for the HGSE community.  




Domonic Rollins
Domonic Rollins

Senior Diversity & Inclusion Officer & Special Assistant to the Deans

Provides leadership and vision for diversity and inclusion initiatives to align with school-wide priorities. 

Tracie Denise Jones
Tracie Denise Jones

Assistant Director for Student Diversity and Inclusion Programs

Manages and executes diversity and inclusion programs for students, directs the Equity Fellows programs, advises cultural students organizations, and oversees the Alumni of Color Conference.

Maritza Hernandez
Maritza Hernandez

Associate Dean for Enrollment and Student Services

Manages oversight for the students experience at HGSE, and is an integral lead to the student services offices of Finacial Aid, Admissions, and the Registrar.

Our Faculty

Aiding in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion at HGSE is central to the work of these faculty members.

Pamela Mason
Pamela Mason

Faculty Director, Language and Literacy

Member of the Juvenile Justice Education Research Initiative, investigating the education provided to incarcerated youth.

Roberto Gonzales

Professor of Education

Leading expert on undocumented youth in the country. 

Kaia Stern

Lecturer on Education

Director of the Prison Studies Project, Transformative Justice Series

Gretchen Brion-Meisels

Lecturer on Education

Co-chair, Dean's Advisory Committee on Equity and Diversity (DACED)

Natasha Warikoo

Associate Professor of Education

Guggenheim Fellow and scholar on diversity in higher education.

Josephine M. Kim
Josephine M. Kim

Lecturer on Education

Investigates mental health, cultural and racial identity, intergenerational conflicts, cross-cultural advocacy for youth.


Our Approach

Listed below are helpful links; spaces, places, and sites where faculty, staff, and organizations around HGSE and Harvard are participating in and advancing the diversity, equity, and inclusion conversation.

Highlighted here is the research of faculty members whose current work seeks to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in significant ways.

Recognizing that HGSE cannot meet the needs of all of its diverse community members, it is important that our students, staff, and faculty know about other community organizations and resources that may support their diverse interests, needs, and experiences. Below is information available at HGSE, Harvard University, and the Boston and Cambridge metro areas.


Harvard University

Community Organizations