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Support Services


124 A & B Gutman Library
6 Appian Way
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138


Associate Director of Student Support Services
KellyAnn Robinson

Student Support Services Coordinator
Lydia Hogan 

Please contact HGSE Student Support Services for questions about accessibility, accommodations, and academic coaching.

HGSE is a community that values diversity and the unique identity you bring to campus. Our collaborative approach and inclusive community help to assure that all students participate in the array of academic, cultural, and community life at Harvard.

Accommodations and Accessibility

Student Support Services works in partnership with students, faculty and staff to develop and implement accommodation plans. 

To request accommodations:

  1. Complete the Disability Identification Form
  2. Submit documentation via email to Student Support Services
  3. Make an appointment with KellyAnn Robinson, associate director of student support services to assist in accessing appropriate accommodations

Please keep in mind, each student's situation is unique and documentation requirements may vary by situation, and documentation is essential to establishment of both the presence of a disability and the need for accommodations.

Academic Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed? Struggling with getting started? Having trouble estimating how much time tasks will take? Finding yourself procrastinating or avoiding? Struggling with making decisions, planning, and prioritizing? Academic Coaching through Student Support Services can provided you with research based tools and strategies to help graduate students:

  • Prioritize assignments, emails, meetings, tasks related to group projects
  • Make choices around competing interests
  • Manage distractions (text messages, social media, YouTube)
  • Estimate time for how long an assignment or tasks will take
  • Take notes that are complete and useful from class lecture and reading assignments
  • Keep up with and retain information from course readings
  • Organize and synthesize research articles, write and edit papers
Access Recording Form

Have you encountered an issue with accessibility during your time at HGSE? Please let us know by filling out the Access Recording Form.

The Office of Admissions, Financial Aid, and the Support Services Office do not share information about the disability status of applicants or admitted students.

We urge applicants to become familiar with how University policies (regarding requests for accommodations and resources) differ from those in their previous educational settings. Harvard has the right to evaluate and determine such requests on an individual basis, regardless of prior history of accommodations.