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Backyard Project - Web site of an organization whose aim is "to build young women's awareness of careers in the computer industry". They do this through summer camps, mentoring, and school visits.

Feminina seach engine for sites for and about girls
A great search engine for sites about girls. This page contains links to additional sites for girls.

Girl Site - A community based site for girls that aims to empower girls through technology. http://www.girlsite.org/

Girl Start - The home page of a computer center for girls in Texas (teaches them how to use computers, etc.)

Girl Tech - A site for girls that contains sections such as Chic Chat: a resource for girls to communicate, get answers to questions, write; Games: vocabulary, science, math, and more; Invent Her: a section that allows girls to create and invent, contains a brief history of inventors; Girls Views: Girls in the Media, contains a section on eating disorders; Sports; Girl Galaxy: famous women, quote for the day; Bowtique: products; and Links.

Girl Zone (www.girlzone.com) is a webmagazine for girls that offers a way to interact via bulletin boards and live chat; a sports column; a fashion column; online book discussions; career highlights; and a center to learn more about volunteering and social activism. Girl Zone is also home to Sister-to-Sister Online (www.girlzone.com/html/sis2sis.html), the web component to AAUW's national Sister-to-Sister Summit program. The Independent Means website (www.independentmeans.com) is the place for women under 20 (and their over-20 mentors) to find an income of their own! The website offers news on starting a business; making, saving, and growing money; and networking with mentors.

Gurl.com - Organization committed to discussing issues that effect girls age 13 and up. Host free email, free homepages, community for girls to connect. Set up like an online magazine for girls. http://www.gurl.com/

NewMoon - Popular site that contains many links to helping and empowering girls http://www.newmoon.org/index.html

Teen Voices - Web site for the magazine for girls by girls.

Teen Wire- Presented by Planned Parenthood, this site is another online magazine for girls. News, beauty, dating, etc.