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  1. The Value of Self Reflection

    a self-reflection they’ll write after watching a video of themselves teaching. As soon as the lesson is explained, ... not being judged on their video performance — but rather on how they reflect on their video — the dynamic changes. “We have always included these video reflections as part of our pedagogy in the reading ...

    mtamer - 2014-11-07 12:15

  2. A New Lens on Teaching

    evaluation system that gives video cameras to teachers and allows them to record the lessons they choose. The teachers then view the recorded sessions and select the videos they want to submit for observation. Before submitting, they can even share the videos with peers to get feedback, possibly choosing to rerecord certain ...

    mjorgensen - 2014-12-11 12:34

  3. Leading Change in Education Systems Informational Video with Kay Merseth

    Leading Change in Education Systems: Effective Policy and Practice for Improving Outcomes is a nine-week online program designed for educational leaders from a broad range of countries. The program examines the challenges of leading the development and im ...

    erubin - 2014-12-18 14:32

  4. Growth and Consequences

    education policy teaching standardized tests growth Faculty Reference:  Andrew Ho UK Article Type: Feature ... so-called "growth models," an increasingly popular approach to school accountability that tracks ... growth models we're looking at as an alternative is an allowance for more realistic expectations for ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 2014-12-04 09:28

  5. Virtual Reality, Real Science

    and equips them with mobile devices that let them access interactive media such as video, audio, 3-D ... teaching schools science middle school Faculty Reference:  Christopher Dede Tina Grotzer UK Article Type: Feature UK Topic: Curriculum Learning Schools Teaching Technology UK Content State:  Needs Review ...

    mtamer - 2014-11-26 10:00

  6. Regulating the Teenage Mind

    actively encourage the growth of self-regulation skills, which are increasingly recognized as a critical ... developmental psychology cognitive function self-regulation adolescence adolescents teenagers teens UK Article Type: Feature UK Topic: Mind and Brain Schools Teaching UK Content State:  Needs Review ...

    mtamer - 2014-12-02 13:33

  7. Raising a Generous Child

    video and hear what kids have to say about giving back. Browse other Giving Tuesday resources. ... Tuesday UK Homepage Large Slider Image:  UK Article Type: Feature UK Topic: Teaching UK Content State:  ...

    mjorgensen - 2014-12-02 13:35

  8. The Achievement High-Five

    children ages 0 to 3 — approaches to parenting that enhance bonding and support growth. He is planning ... Initiative early childhood education early learning parenting UK Article Type: Feature UK Topic: Access Early Education Family Engagement Learning UK Content State:  Ready for Publish ...

    mtamer - 2014-11-07 11:51

  9. License to Skill

    mentoring, events Homepage Cards Image:  300x150-mentoring-video.jpg Intro:  On Campus Headline:  License to ...

    mjorgensen - 2014-11-21 09:41

  10. The Art of Control

    don’t fit the ‘role.’” Support it by: Reading books, taking field trips, and watching videos that help ... chapters aimed at specific age groups. Watch a video showing how early experiences shape the development of ... early learning UK Homepage Large Slider Image:  UK Article Type: Feature UK Topic: Early Education ...

    mtamer - 2014-11-06 15:52