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  1. Study Skills: Jenn Charlot

    Category:  EdLD Students and Alumni News Tags:  Jenn Charlot Ed.L.D. grit students and alumni Homepage Cards ...

    mjorgensen - 2015-01-16 12:49

  2. Ed. Extra: Jenn Charlot

    year of the Ed.LD. Program is called a sector-level change project. We are charged with developing ... Character Lab during my second year of Ed.LD., and when it came time to select a residency site, they were ...

    mjorgensen - 2015-01-16 15:40

  3. The First Semester: In 13 Tweets

    The first semester is wrapping up at Harvard Graduate School of Education. How did it go? One of our most prolific student tweeters, first-year Ed.L.D. candidate Tyler Thigpen, takes a look back at the semester through highlights from his Twitter account. ...

    mjorgensen - 2015-01-07 15:12

  4. Grant to Support Ed.L.D., Leadership Convenings

    Dean James Ryan announced today a $5 million grant from the Walton Family Foundation that will fund fellowships in the Doctor of Education Leadership (Ed.L.D.) Program. The grant, jointly led by Lecturer Elizabeth City, director of the Ed.L.D. Program, an ...

    mjorgensen - 2014-12-22 15:21

  5. HGSE Campaign Launch Video


    mrodman - 2014-09-26 13:54

  6. Ed.L.D. Student to Help Teens Find Their Voice

    April Wang believes there is magic in students finding their voice. The Ed.L.D. student recently launched a nonprofit, This Land Speaks, to restore the voices in what she considers America’s most voiceless population — rural communities. Through writing w ...

    mrodman - 2014-09-12 15:05

  7. Meet Liliana Polo

    The impact of access to a good education — both for individuals, as well as for entire communities — is something Liliana Polo deeply appreciates. Growing up within a family, and a community, with an unshakeable belief in the transformational power of edu ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 2014-12-22 16:06

  8. Doctor of Education Leadership

    The Doctor of Education Leadership program leverages the extraordinary resources of Harvard University to prepare system-level leaders in American preK-12 education. America needs transformative leaders in preK-12 education, individuals whose passion for e ...

    klippau - 2014-08-26 13:52

  9. Ed.L.D. Student Research Aids NACA Expansion Plans

    Ever since Executive Director Kara Bobroff founded the Native American Community Academy (NACA), a middle school/high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she dreamed of one day expanding. “It’s been a dream for a long time. After NACA started showing initi ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 2014-08-15 20:22

  10. Getting to Know Ed.L.D. Marshal Gislaine Ngounou

    As Gislaine Ngounou, Ed.L.D.’14, graduated from HGSE this past week with the honor of being named marshal by her classmates, she is reminded of how far she has come, yet also of how far she has to go. Growing up in Cameroon, where she watched her mother w ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 2014-08-16 21:41