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  1. Levinson Named Professor of Education

    at Harvard,” said Levinson. “First, I adore my students and colleagues — both faculty and staff. ... senior faculty, Levinson expressed not only gratitude, but also a great sense of responsibility. ... Levinson joined HGSE in 2002 as a visiting scholar. After serving as a mentor teacher in the ...

    mjorgensen - 2015-07-09 16:43

  2. Where in the World Is Meira Levinson?

    justice.  News Credit:  Newseditor News Tags:  Meira Levinson Faculty Reference:  Meira Levinson Homepage Cards Image:  News Type:  Read Intro:  Where in the World is Meira Levinson? Headline:  Off to Oxford, ... Thanks to a Guggenheim Fellowship, Associate Professor Meira Levinson (and her family) left in ...

    erubin - 2014-09-16 13:55

  3. Convocation 2010: Remarks of Faculty Speaker Meira Levinson

    votes for faculty speaker, consider yourselves warned that warm and cuddly congratulations are not on ... that my fellow faculty members and I have been able to help you tackle these challenges better than you ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 2014-07-23 14:28

  4. Levinson Awarded Guggenheim Fellowship

    Associate Professor Meira Levinson was recently awarded a 2014 Guggenheim Fellowship for her ... Guggenheim Fellows, Levinson is the only one representing the field of education. "I am extremely honored to be awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, and excited about the opportunity it presents,” Levinson ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 2014-07-08 13:13

  5. On My Bookshelf: Associate Professor Meira Levinson

    Jorgensen News Tags:  books faculty Meira Levinson Faculty Reference:  Meira Levinson Homepage Cards Image:  ... mother, Cynthia Levinson. It's a dramatic and absorbing account of four of the children — the ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 2014-07-10 12:04

  6. Meira Levinson

    /sites/default/files/faculty/images/meira-levinson-52261.jpg Office:  Gutman 413 Office Hour Type:  Online Sign-up Vitae/CV Link:  /sites/default/files/faculty/documents/meira-levinson-52261.pdf Profile:  Meira Levinson is a normative political philosopher who writes about civic education, ... /sites/default/files/faculty/images/meira-levinson-52261-small.jpg File Name:  meira-levinson-52261 Areas of Expertise:  Civic Education Curriculum Development ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 2015-11-24 12:12

  7. Cherise Kenner

    Academic Affairs Office Faculty Assistant Gutman 424 617.495.2675 Supported Faculty:  Eileen M. McGowan Elizabeth City James Soto Antony Lee Teitel Meira Levinson ...

    Anonymous (not verified) - 2015-10-21 15:40

  8. The Puzzles of Teaching

    By Meira Levinson Meira Levinson is a professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. This post was adapted from a series of essays written for the school’s Teaching and Learning Week.  I’ve been baffled for decades about why teaching is viewed as a socially productive profession, ...

    baw475 - 2015-10-28 17:03

  9. Teacher Education Program

    Faculty?:  N Position Title:  Has Image:  No Meira Levinson Faculty Title:  Professor of Education What are ... Phone:  617.496.1562 Photo URL:  /sites/default/files/faculty/images/meira-levinson-52261.jpg Office:  ... /sites/default/files/faculty/documents/meira-levinson-52261.pdf Profile:  Meira Levinson is a normative political philosopher who writes about civic education, ...

    mguo - 2015-10-15 12:40

  10. Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership

    long term. Throughout the program, you will learn through reading, watching videos of Harvard faculty ... Excellence and Equity | January 29–March 25, 2017 Each of the four modules will be led by an HGSE faculty ... user-centered problems Faculty Chair Elizabeth City  is lecturer on education and the faculty director of the ...

    erubin - 2015-11-24 13:58