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Harvard Institutes for Higher Education

Successful Leadership in Higher Education

The Harvard Institutes for Higher Education offers a vibrant portfolio of leadership development programs  designed for higher education administrators—from directors, department heads and deans to vice presidents, provosts and presidents. 

Because the leadership issues you face depend on your position, we group you with peers who have similar experience. A balance of synthesized research and experiential learning is designed to stretch your thinking and encourage discussion of common challenges.

Participants bring different perspectives and represent a range of institutions, from large research universities to small liberal arts colleges and community colleges.

With an outstanding faculty and a dynamic network of over 10,000 alumni who maintain long-term relationships and return to us as their careers advance, our programs have a significant impact in the U.S. and around the world. Our goal is to continue to attract educational leaders who bring a commitment to personal growth and institutional success.

What People Are Saying About HIHE

“The program opened my eyes and provided tremendous insights into the challenges leaders face as they move into positions of increasing responsibility.  I get it now.” —Amanda Hostalka, Chair, Stevenson University, Stevenson, MD

“The small groups were one of the best aspects of the program. This was such a constructive, structured way to network, one in which each member of our group received focused attention and flourished. I came away from the program with a supportive group of friends and colleagues.” —Barbara Junisbai, Assistant Dean of Faculty, Pitzer College, Claremont, CA

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Harvard Institutes for Higher Education

Over forty years ago, the Harvard Graduate School of Education was among the first to apply the principles of business management to the world of higher education. Today, HGSE continues to be at the forefront of new thinking in higher education leadership-from exploring 21st century institutional challenges to reconnecting experienced administrators with the core goals and purposes of their work.