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Connected Teaching for Personalized Learning

4/20/17 to 4/22/17


While we are not currently accepting applications for this program, we encourage you to contact us with any questions at or 800-545-1849. 

What You Will Learn

"Educators across the country and around the world are making the shift to innovative connected teaching and learning models that enable more student-centered, personalized approaches. Practitioners — teachers, administrators, and other educators — are seeking new collaborations and professional learning opportunities as they develop the skills, plans, and strategies to transform their schools and classrooms and to share their learning with others." – Barbara Treacy, Faculty Co-Chair

Participate in a community of "connected educators" as you explore 21st-century approaches including personalized learning, blended learning, online learning, and competency-based learning — enabling powerful, personalized opportunities driven by student passions and interests, with flexibility regarding pace, path, and place.

Connected Teaching for Personalized Learning is about transforming teaching and learning for our students, as well as creating new models for professional learning for educators — providing an opportunity to build expertise in both realms.

Through an exploration of personalized, blended, online, and competency-based forms of teaching and learning, this 12-week program will help you understand how advances in digital technologies enable new educational models that can address perennial challenges, such as student motivation and achievement, as well as the achievement gap. You will experience how new media enable deeper learning opportunities for all students, aligned to their goals, needs, and passions. This program will also aid in understanding the systemic changes these approaches require in key areas such as: curriculum, professional learning, leadership, infrastructure, and technology.

Program Overview

Connected teaching recognizes that we live in a mobile, digital world where the classroom is no longer limited by four walls, one teacher’s knowledge, or the bell schedule. Connected teaching joins educators and learners from both inside and outside of traditional school environments and provides them with the resources, flexibility, and expertise to enable relevant, student-centered learning opportunities aligned with our interconnected world. This program prepares you as educators to be “future-ready” by providing experiences as both learners and professionals, using the same tools and approaches you will implement with your students.

Connected Teaching for Personalized Learning incorporates a blended, personalized design so that you can experience new modes of learning first-hand, focus on the approaches most relevant to your practice, and benefit from blended learning extended over time. You will engage in hands-on activities incorporating digital tools and connected teaching practices; interact with leading experts and practitioners from the field; explore cases of exemplary implementation models; and collaborate with other teams both face-to-face and online. Your learning will be supported through several levels of communities within the program: a local-based team, a role-based team, content-focused discussion groups, and peer-feedback teams. By engaging in well-designed and implemented activities and discussions, participants will benefit from increased collaboration and learning, and work with their team to develop a sense of shared responsibility and trust, as well as a commitment to powerful systemic change.

Program Objectives
  • Explore how connected teaching approaches can enable engaging learning opportunities for all students
  • Learn how digital technologies provide both opportunities and challenges in addressing equity and access
  • Develop skills and collaborate with online tools, technologies, and social media that support connected teaching models
  • Implement a team plan to incorporate connected teaching approaches for your organization, with opportunities for peer and facilitator feedback
  • Understand the systematic shifts connected teaching requires and develop strategies to address them
  • Experience connected teaching approaches first-hand and build your network as a connected educator
Program Schedule

This program unfolds in three parts:

April 3-19, 2017: Online overview and orientation (approximately 4 hours total)
April 20-22, 2017: Three-day on-campus program at HGSE
May 1-June 30, 2017: Webinars, facilitated online learning sessions, and feedback on projects (approximately two hours/week)

Who Should Attend

This program accepts team enrollment of 3+ people. Teams from schools, districts, states, charters, or other educational organizations — with members who represent a range of job roles, including teachers, administrators, curriculum directors, technology directors, library media specialists, and instructional coaches — are encouraged to participate, including groups outside the U.S.


Faculty Co-Chairs

Chris Dede's fundamental interest is developing new types of educational systems to meet the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. His research spans emerging technologies for learning, infusing technology into large-scale educational improvement initiatives, developing policies that support educational transformation, and providing leadership in educational innovation. He is currently conducting funded studies to develop and assess learning environments based on virtual worlds, augmented realities, transformed social interaction, and online teacher professional development. Dede is a leader in mobile learning initiatives and has developed a widely used Framework for scaling up educational innovations. From 2001 to 2004, he served as chair of the Learning & Teaching area at HGSE.

Barbara Treacy is a nationally recognized leader in online and blended learning who works with states, districts, colleges and universities, and other educational organizations to enable them to build successful online and blended programs for educators and students. She is the chair of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's Digital Learning Advisory Council and is the former director of EdTech Leaders Online, Education Development Center's award-winning capacity-building online learning program for educators which she led for 15 years, providing online courses, online instructor and course developer training, and implementation consulting for online programs for educators and students in more than 30 states. Treacy served as co-chair of the iNACOL Online Course Standards committee and is currently co-leading iNACOL’s work to develop Leadership Competencies for Student-Centered Learning Models.


Julia Freeland Fisher, director, Education at Clayton Christensen Institute

Micheal Horn, author of Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools, co-founder of the Clayton Christensen Institute and chief strategy officer, Entangled Ventures

Sam Johnston, research scientist, CAST

Beth Rabbit, chief education officer, The Learning Accelerator

Shawn Rubin, chief education officer, Highlander Institute

Mary Ann Wolf, director, Digital Learning Programs, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, NCSU


Enrollment Instructions


Step One
You will be asked to identify the name of each team member and provide your personal profile and organizational information.

Step Two
You will be asked to respond to the following questions:

  • Explain how participation in the program will benefit you personally and professionally and describe one or more significant challenges you and your team would like to explore during the program. (250 word limit)
  • Describe how you use digital technologies in your work and professional development and any experience you have with implementing digital technologies in your school environment. (250 word limit)
  • Is the team you are applying with a team that currently works together? How do you see your team continuing the work of Connected Teaching for Personalized Learning after the program ends? (250 word limit)
  • Describe anything unique or distinctive about your school/district/organization’s mission or student population and if your school/district/organization has been involved any recent personalization efforts or other significant transformational change efforts. (100 word limit)


Step One
You will be asked to provide your personal profile and organizational information.

Step Two
You will be asked to respond to the following questions:

  • Explain how participation in the program will benefit you personally and professionally and describe one or more significant challenges you would like to explore during the program. (250 word limit)
  • Describe how you use digital technologies in your work and professional development and any experience you have with implementing digital technologies in your school environment. (250 word limit)
Fees, Hotel Accommodations, and Policies

The comprehensive tuition includes all instructional materials and refreshments. Participants receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the program.

Payment or a purchase order must be received within thirty days of program acceptance and prior to the program start. Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses. While a purchase order confirms a reservation, an outstanding balance is maintained until payment is rendered. 

Please click here for more information on hotel accommodations for on-campus programs.

Please click here for more information on our on-campus and online refund and withdrawal policies. If you have any additional questions or concerns about your ability to participate, please contact our admissions team at or 1-800-545-1849.

The Harvard Graduate School of Education reserves the right to change faculty or cancel programs at its discretion. In the unlikely event of program changes, the school is not responsible for non-refundable travel arrangements or other planning expenses incurred.

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