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Nikhit D

Study Break: Nikhit D’Sa, Ed.D. candidate

By Lory Hough 09/05/2012 04:31 pm | 1 Comment

There wasn’t one moment that made Nikhit D’Sa, Ed.M.’12, aware of street children, no specific event that left him thinking, “This is the work I want to do.” But this is exactly the kind of work he ended up doing. Read More…

ED. Magazine
Sacred Trust

Books: Sacred Trust: A Children’s Education Bill of Rights

By Rachael Apfel 09/07/2011 11:45 am | Add a Comment

In “Sacred Trust,” Peter Cookson Jr. proposes an education bill of rights for American children that, he argues, will address these issues and ensure greater integrity and improved opportunity for all. Read More…

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Perla Manapol

One on One with Perla Manapol

By Lory Hough 02/02/2009 01:18 pm | 26 Comments

Perla Manapol’s goal is to get people to understand the value in coconut husks (bunots). Read More…

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Terrance Tivnan

Reading, Writing, and Reform

By Maria Fusaro 05/28/2008 09:51 am | Add a Comment

Children from high-poverty families and schools have the odds stacked against them when it comes to learning to read well. To try to counteract this trend, many primary schools have implemented comprehensive literacy reform programs. Are these programs working? Read More…

Usable Knowledge
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Small Boost in Family Income Increases Children’s Social Skills and School Readiness, According to New Research from the Harvard Graduate School of Education

By newseditor 11/19/2001 09:46 am | Add a Comment

A small amount of money can make a big difference for young children from poor families by increasing their social skills and readiness for school to levels seen in children from middle-class families, according to a new study by researchers … Read More…


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