Harvard EdCast: History Hip Hop

By Matt Weber
01/03/2012 3:47 PM

Smart SongsEducational rappers Scott Free and Shoeless Jeff discuss how they are using hip hop and “smart songs” to effectively teach both inside and outside the classroom.

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  • Marissa G-V

    Very innovative – always great to see how hip-hop can be used as an educational tool in and outside of the classroom for young people. While having the heavy focus on lyrics/MC-ing, does Smart Songs think it will ever be possible to incorporate other elements of hip-hop into their history curriculum (i.e. graffiti, break-dancing)? Also, any opportunities to have the young people themselves contribute to the song-writing process / overall content in the future? Great idea, thanks again!

  • http://sysmatters.com/ Imran Soudagar

    I really liked the show. But due to connection problem the audio is loading slowly. I really like the idea of learning through Hip-Hop. I would love if I have such a person to teach me History by singing.

  • mm4joy

    Great job!! Jeff and Scott, your efforts will be appreciated to everybody from all over the places forever.

  • Tina_kishore

    Terrific idea! Who does not like a ‘beat’ ? Great idea, thanks!

  • KDH

    Love it!
    Finally someone is doing this. I always said to my friends “if this stuff was put in the form of a song I would remember it”. I hardly remember anything from school. However, if I hear a song that I haven’t heard in 20 years, just give me a few words and suddenly all of the lyrics will come back to me. I have learning disabilities and had a really hard time in school. Something like this would have made it a much better experience for me.
    It’s nice to know that kids today will have access to this fun and creative learning tool.

  • Naomi

    So so good!!! Great EdCast! Such an interesting story and an amazing way to teach History. Just watched the Washington DC video and it is very informative and highly engaging! I teach in Australia and I am sad I don’t know of anyone doing such cool work as you are doing here. Keep going with it! It is great.

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