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By Matt Weber 09/17/2014 12:00 PM EDT
Privatization and the Public Good

“Public education is in crisis — and it has been for some time. The problem is, no one can agree on the problem, and when there is no agreement on the problem, developing solutions is nearly impossible.” Thus writes Matthew Lambert in his new…

By Jill Anderson 09/17/2014 11:24 AM EDT
Luis Enrique García de Brigard, Ed.M.’07, was sworn in yesterday as deputy secretary of education in Colombia.

Luis Enrique García de Brigard, Ed.M.’07, was sworn in yesterday as deputy secretary of education in Colombia.The International Education Policy Program graduate has a rich history of working in entrepreneurial leadership roles that promote…

By Thomas Kane 09/15/2014 9:56 AM EDT
Thomas Kane

The following paper from Professor Thomas Kane appeared on The Brookings Institution website on September 11, 2014.Given the nature of the job, school superintendents are master jugglers.  Even so, implementing new teacher evaluation…

By Myra Khan 09/11/2014 10:37 AM EDT
Steven Farr

What happens when teachers and leaders commit to having an impact on their students who live in poverty? What is it about a teacher that makes them have life-changing, transformational impact?These are the big questions that Steven Farr, chief…

By Brigham Fay 09/10/2014 1:51 PM EDT
Critical Conversation & Bold Ideas logo

Jump to an article about Critical Conversations & Bold Ideas event. Please note: Live streaming begins at 9 a.m. on Friday, September 19.Loading the player... Live stream scheduleSeptember 19, 20149 -10:15 a.m. - U.S. Secretary of Education…

By James Ryan 09/08/2014 11:15 AM EDT
Photo of Justice Thurgood Marshall

Writing in The Huffington Post, Dean James Ryan focuses on the connection between learning together and living together.

By Clint Smith 09/05/2014 3:33 PM EDT
Clint Smith, TED Talk screenshot

New Ph.D. student Clint Smith examines the danger of silence in this powerful TED talk.

By Jose Isaac Villanueva, By Carlos Aldrete 09/05/2014 9:10 AM EDT
Sergio Paez

Sergio Paez, Ed.M.,'99 is man on a mission. As superintendent of Holyoke (Mass.) Public Schools, Paez is striving to eradicate the gap in literacy and low expectations among disadvantaged youth. Paez returned to the Harvard Graduate School of…

By Newseditor 09/03/2014 10:53 AM EDT
Newspapers by Binuri Ranasinghe via Flickr (CC license:

Appearances by members of the HGSE community, as well as HGSE research projects and initiatives, in the national press — both traditional and online — in August.

By Jill Anderson 08/29/2014 10:22 AM EDT
Notes from Appian Way: “Dream. Try. Do Good.”

When working as a teacher, Ed.D. candidate Aaliyah El-Amin remembers the afternoon she was tutoring a fourth-grade student on math problems. The student stopped, touched her arm, and asked if she ever wished she wasn’t black. The question was a…

By Jill Anderson 08/28/2014 10:48 AM EDT
Karen Mapp

There was a time when Professor Karen Mapp couldn’t imagine educators lining up to participate in a summer institute geared specifically toward family engagement, which once  wasn’t linked to student outcomes. But for Mapp, an expert in…

By Jordy Oakland 08/28/2014 9:15 AM EDT
Project Zero Perspectives logo

Project Zero, a research organization based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, will be holding its first West Coast conference October 10-12, 2014 in San Francisco, CA. With its over-arching theme, Project Zero Perspectives: Making,…

By Jill Anderson 08/28/2014 8:31 AM EDT
Ph.D. Orientation

Dean James Ryan welcomed 24 new Ph.D. students last week to the Harvard Graduate School of Education.“This is an important moment in the history of HGSE,” Ryan said. “You are our first ever cohort of Ph.D. students. While this marks a new day…

By Matt Weber 08/27/2014 1:32 PM EDT
Physics wall. Photo by Bill Burris via Flickr. CC license:

Over the years, gender equity in high school STEM classes has made great strides. Boys used to outnumber girls in STEM class enrollment, yet in many subjects, the divide has been closing. "In math we've seen a dramatic shrinking of what used to be a…

By Sriya Chakravarti 08/27/2014 9:23 AM EDT
Longfellow Door

Writing in The Huffington Post, Sriya Chakravarti reflects on her experience at the Ed School's Future of Learning professional education institute.

By Jill Anderson 08/26/2014 8:52 PM EDT
Strategic Data Project logo

While many students are just starting their school year, 30 Strategic Data Project (SDP) fellows gathered at the Sheraton Commander last week to celebrate completing a two-year professional development program.“Graduation is a celebration of the…

By Jill Anderson 08/26/2014 4:32 PM EDT
Orientation photo

While the first day of school is typically about nervous jitters, the 679 new students gathering at HGSE Orientation yesterday were already spurred to ask questions in the coming year.“Don’t settle for knowing that there is an achievement gap.…

By Jill Anderson 08/25/2014 3:18 PM EDT
Welcome to Helena, Arkansas sign, photo by Jimmy Emerson via flickr (Creative Commons license:

Ed.L.D. student April Wang is using her Education Entrepreneurship Summer Fellowship to help those in disadvantaged rural communities find their voices.

By Jill Anderson 08/25/2014 1:32 PM EDT
Educators attending HGSE professional education through Raise Your Hand Texas

Over the past seven years, Raise Your Hand Texas has sent nearly 800 principals to HGSE professional education institutes.

By Martin West, By Michael Henderson, By Paul Peterson 08/20/2014 10:22 AM EDT
Common Core logo

Education Next survey shows strong support for common standards, but diminishing support for Common Core.