Special Studies Program

Special Studies Program

Designed for highly focused students whose academic and professional interests cut across programmatic areas, the Special Studies Program (SSP) allows individuals to tailor an interdisciplinary course of study.  Students with backgrounds in medicine, business, public service, professional development, and the military — among others — take advantage of this opportunity to maximize the impact they can achieve or to cultivate the specific expertise they need for success and leadership in education.

Given its wide flexibility, SSP enables students to acquire a general theoretical background for understanding past and future practice or develop skills for use in education-related work.  They select eight courses that will move them closer to their intellectual and career goals, including four required courses to be taken at the Ed School, and four to be completed through a combination of electives at either HGSE or other Harvard graduate schools, internships, or independent studies.

Students learn from, and work with, a wide range of faculty members who offer advice and support to help individuals achieve their unique academic or career objectives. In addition, they benefit from extraordinary Ed School resources, such as the Career Services Office, and may undertake a practicum or internship within a school, college, education-focused company, or nonprofit organization within the greater Boston area.

The customized nature of the program allows students to prepare for an almost limitless variety of education-related careers, while interacting and collaborating with a cohort of classmates and future colleagues through program-based activities.