Mind, Brain, and Education

Mind, Brain, and Education


2013-14 Requirements

The following MBE program requirements are for the 2013-14 academic year only and are subject to change for the 2013-14 academic year. 

  • Two MBE Foundations courses
  • Three Additional MBE courses
  • Three Elective courses

Mind, Brain, and Education Courses

MBE Foundations Courses

Students must choose two courses from the following list. These courses are designed to provide foundational knowledge about mind, brain, and education, including a survey of key concepts, findings, and practices from the field.

The following course at the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) also counts as an MBE Overview Course:

*PSY 2354r  Advanced Laboratory in Cognitive Neuroscience (fall and spring, Buckner)

*Note: research commitment/permission of the instructor is required to take this course.

Additional MBE Courses

MBE students must choose three additional MBE Courses from the three didactic categories listed below. Students can take any combination of courses from these lists; there is no distribution requirement across the categories. In addition, MBE Foundations Courses beyond the required two courses (as listed above), can also count toward the three additional MBE courses.


As part of the required eight courses, MBE students take three courses of their choice at HGSE or at other Harvard or MIT schools through cross-registration. MBE students should consider that at least four of their courses must be taken at HGSE.

Many HGSE students choose to take courses at other Harvard graduate schools such as the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) and the Harvard Kennedy School.

For more information about cross-registering at other Harvard schools, please visit: https://crossreg.harvard.edu/.

HGSE Course Catalog

For more information about HGSE course offerings, view the entire HGSE course catalogue.