Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching

Program Description

The Harvard Graduate School of Education Learning and Teaching (L&T) master's program.

Students in the L&T program share a range of interests including: students and adults as learners, the preparation and professional work of teachers, the organization of schools, and the role of communities in learning. The program's core course and liberal requirements provide flexibility to accommodate each student's interests and needs. L&T students are encouraged to explore the interdisciplinary nature of teaching and learning by taking courses that address topics such as curriculum development, the history and philosophy of education, teacher leadership, human development, technology, the arts, public policy and the impact of race, class, gender, and identity on education.

Students in the L&T master's program explore fundamental theories and enduring questions in the field of education. They are encouraged to reflect on their previous experience and bridge new understandings into future practice. Members of the cohort come from a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience. Both mid-career professionals and those at the early stage of their careers come with a commitment to learning from their peers as well as from professors through classroom activities, lectures, and group projects.

Graduates of the L&T master's program go on to find positions in a wide range of educational fields. Many choose to return to the classroom with an enhanced understanding of both pedagogy and school leadership change. Some pursue opportunities in mentoring and professional development activities. New and experienced teachers join the faculties of independent, charter and pilot schools. L&T graduates also take positions in non-profit organizations and other education-related fields including publishing, community service, and research. Some also choose to pursue doctoral study in the field of education.

The Learning and Teaching Program (L&T) includes an instructional leadership strand for qualified applicants.

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