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Higher Education


HGSE Higher Ed/Higher Ed-Related Courses

In addition to the core requirements, students in the Higher Education Program must take three additional higher education or higher education-related courses. These three offerings allow students to tailor their master's degree curriculum to fit their particular areas of academic or professional interest. To meet this requirement, students may select from the list of accepted courses on the higher education course site or petition for permission from their advisor to take other courses whose subject matter relates to higher education.

Higher education courses at Harvard give students the knowledge, perspectives, and skills necessary for leadership roles in colleges and universities as well as policy, research, and consulting organizations. Students explore how many of the pressing issues facing higher education today came into being; examine the nature of current controversies; and consider how these problems can be handled successfully. Taught by faculty members who are national experts in their fields, these courses utilize a mix of pedagogies--case method teaching, seminar discussions, guest speakers, video-conferencing with national leaders, lectures, and study groups. As a result, courses are lively, interactive settings in which students are able to develop their own analytic and problem-solving skills and engage in rich exchanges with others.

Students may also cross-register for classes at the Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and elsewhere within Harvard University. Information about the higher education-related courses at these schools is available on their websites.

Please note that course offerings may change from year to year. Additional courses will be added later. 

Fall 2013

A-702: Proseminar in Higher Education (McLaughlin)†
A-412: The History of Higher Education in the United States (Reuben)†
A-125: State Education Policy (Reville)
A-222: Higher Education and the Law (Iuliano)
A-608: Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Learning (Higgins)
A-710B: Mission and Money: Institutional Advancement in Higher Education (Zolner)
A-710D: Principles and Policy Issues of College Admissions (Coffin)
A-998: Higher Education Internship Seminar (McLaughlin)
S-012: Empirical Methods: Introduction to Statistics for Research (Tivnan)
S-123: Tacking the Toughest Challenges for Modern American Higher Education (Light) 

Spring 2014

A-709: The Economics of Colleges and Universities (TBA)†
A-027B: Managing Financial Resources in Nonprofit Organizations (Honan)
A-704: Colleges as Organizations (Honan)
A-710J: Using Data to Support Decision-Making and Improvement in Higher Education (Miller)
A-770: Reflecting on Leadership, Administration, and Governance (McLaughlin)
A-998: Higher Education Internship Seminar (McLaughlin)
H-218: Development in the College Years (Boes)
H-341: Inventing the Future: Building Connections from School to Career (Savitz-Romer)
S-030: Intermediate Statistics: Applied Regression and Data Analysis (Kim)
T-006: Adult Development (Kegan)

    †Indicates the course is required for the Higher Education Master's Program.
    A-702 is limited to students admitted to the Higher Education Program.