Human Development and Psychology

Human Development and Psychology


2013-14 Requirements

The following HDP program requirements are for the 2013-2014 academic year only. 

HDP students must complete 8 courses (32 credits) before graduation, as outlined below:


  • One Culture and Social Development course (courses listed below)
  • One Cognitive and Language Development course (courses listed below)
  • One Research Methods and Data Analysis course (courses listed below)
  • Three additional courses which focus on Human Development and Psychology
  • Two elective courses (either at HGSE or at another Harvard or MIT school through cross-registration)

Note: Courses on the Culture and Social Development and Cognitive and Language Development course lists are suitable additional HDP courses or electives, but cannot be counted toward more than one requirement.

Culture and social development courses (4 credits) 

Cognitive and language development courses  (4 credits)

Research methods and data analysis courses (4 credits)

**For students who have already had some exposure to statistics.

*Limited enrollment course

Three additional courses which focus on Human Development and Psychology

Two elective courses (8 credits)  (HGSE or cross-registered)


Two required core courses (8 credits)

One research methods and data analysis course (4 credits)

One overview course related to child development/risk and protection (4 credits)

One course related to systems that impact children and families (2-4 credits)

 Through Cross-Registration

Three electives (12 credits)*

Note: Courses on the lists above can also count as electives

Relevant HGSE courses:

 *Additional suitable courses through cross-registration TBA

It is important to note that the HDP master's program does not lead directly to teacher certification or counseling licensure, e.g., school adjustment counseling, guidance counseling, psychological counseling, although some courses offered in HDP may serve to fulfill partial requirements for these professional tracks. The requirements for certification vary across states and professional organizations, and students should check carefully with the appropriate agencies about their eligibility and the requirements for certification. Students who need further information about programs leading directly to certification should refer to the Prevention Science and Practice Program, Teacher Education Program, the Language and Literacy Program for Reading Specialists (Initial Teacher Licensure), or other programs at HGSE.

Cross Registration

Many HGSE students choose to take courses at other Harvard graduate schools (aka, cross registering), including the Harvard Business School (HBS) and the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). For more information about cross registering at other Harvard schools, please visit the Cross Registration website.

HGSE Course Catalog

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