Arts in Education

Arts in Education

Cross Registration

Cross registration serves as a way for AIE students to explore their interests across many different schools within Harvard. Students use cross registration to enhance their own artistic learning in any given discipline, to broaden their spheres of influence as arts educators, and to explore interests in legal, political, and financial topics, among others. These courses provide an opportunity to cultivate relationships with other students, artists, and professors across the Harvard campus.

As the following list would suggest, in recent years many AIE students have cross registered for courses in the FAS (the Faculty of Arts and Sciences), the GSAS (the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), GSD (the Graduate School of Design), KSG (the Kennedy School of Government), HLS (Harvard Law School), and HBS (Harvard Business School). Several AIE students have also cross registered for courses at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

For information on cross registration policy, please visit the Cross Registration website.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS)

  • 2322 History and Literature 90q. Performing America (Bernstein)
  • 7175 English Ctr. Advanced Fiction Writing (Johnston)
  • 9817 English Capr. Poetry Workshop (Graham)
  • 8994 Dramatic Arts 114 (formerly Dramatic Arts 36) Practical Aesthetics (Lebow)
  • History 2403. Harvard Collections in World History (Ulrich & Gaskell)
  • HIST84N Visual Culture, Translation, and Indigeniety in the Great Lakes
  • English 6781 Introduction to Playwriting (Evans)
  • 8227 English 128. Theater, Dream, Shakespeare (Garber and Paulus)
  • Ethical Reasoning 20 (Puett and Unger)
  • English 276x African American Literary Tradition (Gates)
  • 3695 Visual and Environmental Studies 124x. The Painted Room: Studio Course (Tottie)
  • (A&S) English Cqr. Advanced Poetry Writing (Richards)
  • 0143 Visual and Environmental Studies 65. Tactics- Art, Politics and Performance (Siegel)
  • VES-121AR Painting: Studio Investigations (Mitchnik)
  • VES 10X Drawing Mind and Matter (Beattie)
  • Drama 40 4551 Stage Combat (Hewlett)
  • 3235 Intro to Islamic Art: Visual and Portable Arts in Context (Roxburgh)
  • GSAS 6845 The Invention of the Portrait (Fehrenbach)
  • AS8120 History of Art and Architecture 196. Contemporary Art in Africa
  • Spanish60 Spanish: The Community (Liander)
  • FAS 90GW Contemporary Theatre (Lester/Puchner)
  • DA14 The Art of Movement Design: Choreography (Bergmann)
  • VES 185x Visual Fabrics: Film, Fashion and Material Culture (Bruno)
  • VES 184. Imagining the City: Literature, Film, and the Arts (Bruno)
  • VES 165. Moving Image Installation, Production and Spectacle: Studio Course (Siegel)
  • (DES) Modernization in the Visual United States Environment, 1890-2035 (Stilgoe)
  • Folkmyth 114. Embodied Expression/Expressive Body: Dance in Cultural Context (Foster)
  • 0301 (A&S) Music 218rs. 20th-Century Music: Seminar (Hisama)
  • 9549 (A&S) VES 131. Spatial Poetics: Studio Course (Biggers)

Graduate School of Design

  • GSD 4204M4 Building Texts and Contexts (Picon)
  • GSD 7213 International Architecture Practice (Wickersham)
  • VES107 The Built Environment of North America (Stilgoe)
  • VES 160 Modernization of the Built Environment (Stilgoe)
  • GSD 3306 Current Architecture as Cultural Discourse (Kipnis)

Kennedy School of Government

  • 0460 MLD-355 Public Narrative: Identity, Agency, and Action (Ganz)
  • (KSG) Leadership on the Line (Heifetz)
  • NPS201 (KSG) Strategic Management of Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organizations (Stone)
  • 0463 MLD-356 Public Narrative: Conflict, Collaboration, and Coherence (Ganz)
  • PAL 177 Organizing: People, Power, and Change (Ganz)
  • KSG PAC-110A Political Institutions and Public Policy (Kamarck)
  • KSG ISP229 International Childhood Rights and Globalization (Bhabha)
  • (KSG) Exercising Leadership: Mobilizing Group Resources (Heifetz)
  • NPS201V (KSG) Business Planning for New Nonprofit Organizations (Stone)
  • PAL100M (KSG) Becoming a Leader (Gergen)
  • STM145 (KSG) Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Public, Private, and Social Sectors
  • PAL127 (KSG) Moral Leadership: Self, Other, and Action (Ganz)
  • STM221 (KSG) Introduction to Negotiation Analysis (Kaboolian)
  • KSG-0301 Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in the Greater Middle East (Hashim)
  • KSG-0313 API-703 Understanding Democracy Through History (Keyssar)

Harvard Law School

  • 30691A Art of Social Change: Child Welfare, Education and Juvenile Justice (Bartholer & Budnitz)
  • HLS32000A-1 Child, Family, and State (Bartholet)
  • 35640A (HLS) Entertainment Law (Hay)
  • LAW-0045 46261A. Self, Serenity, and Vulnerability: East and West (Puett and Unger)
  • LAW-0024 Law and Literature Seminar (Stone)
  • LAW-0035 Sexuality and Law (Rubenstein)

Harvard Business School

  • 6626 Field Study Seminar: Evaluating the Entrepreneurial Opportunity (Roberts)
  • BUS-1520 Effective Leadership of Social Enterprise (Chu)


  • 0146 MAS.714J Technologies for Creative Learning (Resnick)
  • MIT Wind Ensemble (Horris)
  • 21M.841 (MIT) Performance Media
  • 21M.600 (MIT) Introduction to Acting
  • 21M.675 (MIT) Dance Theory and Composition
  • 24.263 (MIT) The Nature of Creativity
  • MIT-0097 CMS.917 Documenting Culture (Walley)