Arts in Education

Arts in Education

Program Description

The Arts in Education (AIE) Program at Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) is intended for self-directed individuals who are interested in fashioning their own arts-related courses of study. AIE students pursue their diverse interests in a one-year Master's program embedded in a broad-based school of education. Of importance, the program also offers all HGSE students the opportunity to encounter and consider applications and demonstrations of the arts in education.

The Arts in Education Program recognizes the importance of arts learning both within schools (in non-arts and arts classrooms) and beyond school walls in the community (art centers and museums). Indeed, a number of AIE students have a particular interest in educational partnerships among schools and arts institutions. Within and across these contexts, core learning in the program addresses arts-related issues in educational practice, theory, research, and policy. Beyond that, AIE students individuate their course of studies around their particular interest in the arts in education. Art forms in which AIE students express interest include visual art, writing, drama, dance, music, and film.

Recent graduates of our program have gone on to careers in: museum education, community-based arts education and administration, research into and assessment of exemplary arts curricula, and projects in arts-based school reform. Non-arts teachers have returned to their classrooms with new ideas for incorporating the arts into education. Veteran arts educators have enriched their practice or found new directions for their work including doctoral level study and the creation of arts programs for youth who have been placed at risk. Pursuing their individual directions, students in the program represent the Harvard Graduate School of Education's broad based view of the importance of the arts in education.