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Harvard Teacher Fellows

"The most important part of any education is the person standing in front of the classroom."  - Barack Obama

About Us

The Harvard Teacher Fellows program (HTF) is a bold and forward-thinking response to the urgent need for exemplary teachers. As a fully-funded fellowship and licensure program, HTF offers an innovative pathway into teaching for Harvard College graduates committed to careers serving high-need urban schools.

Training Overview
HTF will provide rigorous and relevant training and support from Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) faculty in the subject areas of English Language Arts, History/Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics.

Harvard Teacher Fellows' faculty include standout veteran teachers, school leaders, and teacher educators with a record of excellence at training, coaching and mentoring novice teachers.

Noah Heller, Lecturer on Education, Master Teacher in Residence, Mathematics
Sarah Leibel, Lecturer on Education, Master Teacher in Residence, English Language Arts
Stephen Mahoney, Associate Director of the Harvard Teacher Fellows, Master Teacher in Residence, History/Social Studies
Victor Pereira Jr., Lecturer on Education, Master Teacher in Residence, Science
Eric Shed, Director of Harvard Teacher Fellows, Master Teacher in Residence, History/Social Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

When are applications due?

Our application is live and due November 25, 2015.

What are your application requirements?

Applicants will be required to submit the following:

  1. Transcript
  2. Resume
  3. Two letters of recommendation — one from a Harvard College professor and one from someone who can speak to your personal qualities and potential for teaching.
  4. Personal statement that addresses how your personal and academic experiences have motivated and prepared you to teach in high-need secondary schools.

When will the program begin?

Seniors in the Harvard College Class of 2016 will be the first students who are eligible to apply for HTF. For these seniors, the program will begin with one HTF course in the spring semester of 2016 and subsequent coursework in the summer.

What are the criteria for admission into HTF?

The ideal candidate will bring an outstanding academic record, strong content preparation in the subject to be taught, and prior experiences related to K-12 education (including education-related coursework, participation in undergraduate education groups, work with youth in educational settings, and a commitment to serving students in high-need schools).

How many Fellows will be in the program?

Over time, the program hopes to accommodate up to 100 Fellows across four subject areas: Mathematics, Social Studies/History, English Language Arts, and Science. 

How much will it cost for me to be in HTF?

Thanks to the generous support of donors who are underwriting the cost of the Harvard Teacher Fellows, Fellows will participate in the HTF program at no charge. Fellows will be supported with a living allowance funded through a combination of a salary from their partner school placement and a stipend from HTF. HTF will also defray travel expenses for certain aspects of the program.

Will I earn a Master's degree in HTF?

Fellows who complete the HTF program will be able to earn a Master’s degree at a fraction of the normal cost by completing 6 credits of additional coursework at their own expense. Financial aid is available.

Will I earn a salary while I am a Harvard Teaching Fellow?

Yes. Fellows will receive a salary from the school district where they are teaching during the first year of the program. The salary will reflect their reduced teaching load.

Where will Fellows be placed? Do I have any choice in where I am placed?

More information about where Fellows will be placed will be available in the coming months. We will carefully select urban districts or charter networks throughout the U.S. as partners, and Fellows will be placed in cohorts in these districts. Fellows will be able to express a geographic preference for where they are placed. However, there will be a limited number of options because we want to partner with a select group of districts and networks that share our vision and goals for HTF and meet certain criteria.

Am I guaranteed a teaching job after completing HTF?

We are committed to helping all Fellows find full-time teaching positions upon completion of the program. We hope and expect that many Fellows will want to continue teaching in the district or charter network where they were initially placed, and we believe that the districts and networks will view the prospect of retaining the Fellows in their schools as a strong incentive for participation in the program. Ultimately, Fellows will be responsible for applying to jobs beyond their fellowship placement.

Will I earn my Massachusetts teaching credential by completing HTF?

Yes. All students who complete HTF will receive an initial teaching license (valid for 5 years) in Massachusetts.

Will the UTEP program continue?


What is the difference between HTF and UTEP?

UTEP is designed to be completed upon graduation from the College. Students who seek to begin a full-time teaching job immediately after graduation are encouraged to consider UTEP. In contrast, HTF requires an additional year of field-based training after graduation, as well as mentored teaching and coursework the summer before and after. Harvard College undergraduates who are unsure whether HTF or UTEP is more appropriate for them should schedule an appointment with the UTEP Coordinator to explore the possibilities.

My school/district may be interested in partnering with HTF as a placement site. How can I find out more information about HTF?

We are still very early in the planning process for HTF and will begin conversations with potential school partners soon. We anticipate that we will want to partner with districts or charter networks anywhere in the U.S. that meet the following criteria. First, districts or charter networks should be located in an urban setting and serve a diverse population of students. Second, districts or charter networks should have the capacity to host several Fellows, as a central component of the program is that Fellows are geographically grouped in cohorts. Third, we seek district or charter networks with strong and robust instructional communities, including a cadre of exceptional veteran teachers who can serve as mentors. Finally, partners would agree to hire Fellows at reduced workload and FTE during the first initial year – ideally teaching no more than three classes – so that they can continue to participate in coursework and group and individual coaching with HTF faculty, at a distance. Districts or charter networks who meet these criteria and would like to have preliminary conversations exploring the possibility of partnering with HTF should contact Stephen Mahoney, Director of School Partnerships.

I am a Harvard College senior who will be graduating in December—can I still apply to the program?

Yes. HTF will cover the cost of our spring course, however students will be responsible for all of their living expenses until the summer program officially begins.

When will your spring course be offered?

Our spring course, Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Schools, will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday from 1 - 2:30pm.

Will the TEP program (HGSE’s master's-level teacher preparation program) continue?

Yes, the TEP program will continue.

Will HTF train future elementary teachers?

No. At present the program will focus only on secondary teacher preparation, but this may change depending on student demand.

For answers to any additional questions, please contact HTF Director, Eric Shed or HTF Associate Director, Stephen Mahoney.

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